punk rock in the tea room

I have to admit, the last few times I took pictures at a rock show, they were dull and boring. I was less than pleased. I LOVE LIVE MUSIC, even at my ripe old age, I love going to rock shows. I always wear ear plugs (have for about 20 years) and I rarely go to more than one show on the same weekend. I like to know the set times, so I know when the band I came to see is playing … this way I can get in and out of the venue without sitting around waiting for the band I want to see. As Greg Behrendt said, “NO OPENING BANDS. Sorry dude, I don’t have time to watch you struggle through your career.” Festivals? Pfft. I will not go unless I have a pass. No exceptions. I know, I’m a jaded SOB … I’m OK with that.

Anyway, last Friday I went to an old-guy-punk-rock show. It was great. It started at 9:00 and one band played. It was perfect. The band was The Suspects. I was trying to describe them to The Weave, not even describe them as much as relay their significance in my little world. The Suspects were one of the first punk rock bands in my high school. There were a couple others, I’m not sure who was first and I’m not sure it matters except for to those in involved. They were: The Suspects, The Rayons and Civil Disobedience. The Suspects and Civil Disobedience were both on a compilation called WHO CARES (released in 1981) along with other local favs: Political Crap (Duane Peters’ first band), Shattered Faith, AKA and The Chiefs. I listened to this record every-fricking-day. I loved this record. I felt a source of pride that bands from the high school I attended were represented here and represented well. The Suspects and Civil Disobedience both had great songs on this record. I’m still bummed I sold this record when I sold all of my vinyl before moving to San Diego in 1991. Rest assured I bought a bootleg CD on eBay a few years back and its still freeking GREAT!

So, last Friday, The Suspects played at the Newport Beach Golf Course in the Tea Room (probably Tee Room, but, whatever). As far as I know, this is the first time they’ve played in over 30 years. 2 of the 4 originals were there and sounded great as a 3-piece with a new young drummer. They played a few covers (Iggy, Eddie and the Subtitles) and played their songs from Who Cares. Which were awesome. Friends and foes from high school were there. It was almost a reunion of sorts, but I really only wanted to see the people I came with, plus a few others. I hesitated bringing my camera as I felt a little awkward about it and, as mentioned above, I hadn’t been having much success shooting rock shows … Well, at the risk of sounding cocky, I’m really happy with some of the pictures from that night. I sent the band about 50 images but I’ll spare you and only post a couple here.

Tom. First Picture. First Song.

Red Eye Express.

Fisheye in the Tea Room.


This whole blog is a side note, but, side note here: Where the hell are the masters to WHO CARES and why doesn’t someone re-release it on CD or even digitally I guess? Personally, I’d rather have vinyl, original or re-issued, I don’t care, I just want it with the art work … Someone re-release this record! Once the maters are tracked down, it would be cheap. I’d bet you could re-coup your dough within a 1000 records sold and I think 1000 would be easy …

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  1. Greg, the other band was Political Crap with Garrett Morlino on drums……..great band as well!

    • I didn’t know Garret was in Political Crap – I knew Duane Peters was the singer. Thx.

      EDIT: I just looked at the credits on the record: Garret was actually in Civil Disobedience with Peter Broome. The Political Crap drummer is credited as Tony Slug.

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