No Flat Spot Here

I didn’t plan on going to “Punk ‘n Brew” in Huntington beach last weekend until my friend called and said “Let’s go see Bad Religion.” So we did … We got to the festival grounds (Bolsa Chica State Beach parking lot) just in time to say hi to a few people, tour the grounds and see Bad Religion … Then we left.

One weird thing I noticed as we watched the band from the side of the stage … I couldn’t hear ANYTHING. Usually when you see a band from side stage you can hear the monitors, but, since Bad Religion all wear in-ear-monitors, there is no stage volume and no monitors … so you can’t hear anything.

Every time I’ve seen Bad Religion they are solid. They play hard, fast, tight. You can tell they’ve played a million shows in front of millions of people and they are simply very good at what they do.

I learned tonight that Bad Religion has 380 songs at their ready and they make a different set list every night they play. This must be one of the reasons  they seem so fresh and energized on stage each time I see them. They’re not doing the same old thing every night.

Go see them again … I know I’m going to.

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