Nope, this is not a review.

I’m a lucky bastard (I wanted to type Muther Fucker there but thought it may be too offensive). Last week I got invited to a secret show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA. The Jesus and Mary Chain played! May 18, 2017. One of the many nice surprises of the night was that only about 150 – 200 people were invited, so the club was full but not uncomfortably packed. A couple of the other nice surprises were: Sharp Shock opened the show, and they are rad and I was allowed to bring my camera in.

I brought my friend Dennis and planned to submit my photos and Dennis’ review of the show to New Noise Magazine after the waiting period requested by the band. Upon confirming that May 20th was the date after which we could share photos, I was advised that the band requested “No Press and No Reviews.” I was bummed as I wanted to share this with New Noise and Dennis wrote a great review spanning his 30+ year fandom of JAMC.

I hope to get permission from someone in the JAMC camp to share the review and photos with New Noise, but I haven’t pursued it.

Anyway – here are some photos of the secret show … The Jesus and Mary Chain and Sharp Shock … No review.


No review.

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