Hey You New Wave, Come Over Here …

I was lucky enough to get a photo pass for the debut show of Dreamcar … (see the review for their pedigree) at the Constellation Room at the Observatory on Wednesday night.

You can see my photos and review on New Noise Magazine or by clicking HERE.

I felt like my review was getting too wordy, but below is some of the stuff I left out:
Dreamcar are underplaying everywhere on their first tour, which I usually see as a marketing stunt, but it also makes for some really fun shows in small venues … knowing full well this band will be playing amphitheaters in no time. Playing a room that’s WAY TO SMALL for the band does a few things:
1. The shows sell out quickly (I heard 5 minutes on this one) so it looks good.
2. Creates a buzz in 2 ways – First, you have the people who were lucky enough to get tickets bragging to their friends and on their social media outlets that THEY were the ones to get tickets. THEY saw the small show before the band got huge … And Second, it makes the desire by the people who missed the first show even stronger to see them next time …

Anyway, it was a fun show and a fun one to shoot. Thx to New Noise and BBGun PR for the photopass and to my pals at the venue for getting me in just before the stampede (not sure they want to be named, so I’ll respect their privacy).

2 thoughts on “Hey You New Wave, Come Over Here …

  1. Great pix and review. Sounds like a great show! Great description of band’s sound, I looked ’em up on Amazon MP3 and bought their two available songs with the album preorder. The way you described their sound is spot-on. Now I wanna go to a show!

    • Thanks Barb. It was a fun show. Check out Sharp Shock too.

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