The Damned are a not a goth band!

I’m happy to be able to post my photos and review of The Damned 40th Anniversary show at The Belasco Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.

Please see the link to New Noise Magazine here.

I didn’t include the set list in my review because it was so long … But here it is, if you’re interested …

Set #1
Nature’s Dark Passion
Thrill Kill
Alone Again Or
Sanctum Sanctorum
Streets of Dreams
Grimly Fiendish
Shadow Of Love
Stranger On The Town
Under The Floor Again

Set #2
Life Goes On
Disco Man
Limit Club
Wait For The Blackout
Twisted Nerve
History Of The World
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde
Love Song
Second Time Around
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
Plan 9, Channel 7
Smash It Up
Feel The Pain
Fan Club
Neat Neat Neat
See Her Tonight
1 Of The 2
New Rose

Curtain Call

4 thoughts on “The Damned are a not a goth band!

  1. This is a really great review! The facts with a little color (because they are not a Goth band)! Well done

    • Thanks Weave – I bet you like the review even more because you didn’t have to proof read all of the versions it went through 🙂

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