Pulling Muscles and Mussels at Music Tastes Good.

This is the first actual “rockshow review” I’ve ever done, and it’s published. All of my fears and growing pangs are right here for readers of New Noise Magazine to see. I actually think this review is OK. The magazine is moving away from photo galleries toward show reviews accompanied by photos … So if I want to keep shooting (which I do) I need to review the shows I shoot, or bring a reviewer with me.

So, here it is. I feel like I’m exposing an open wound to you, please be gentle … But let me know what you think.


My first review ever … NEW NOISE MAGAZINE


the-specials-2The Specials

Lynval Golding and Terry Hall.

3 thoughts on “Pulling Muscles and Mussels at Music Tastes Good.

  1. Really great job Greg. I want to hear some of the songs/bands you wrote about because of the picture you painted for me. I love that the articles are short and to the point. Thank you!!! ????

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