Day Late

I got this in the mail ONE DAY after my birthday … I’m still going to call it a birthday gift …

I shot the band PIGGY at Alex’s Bar a few months ago …  They asked for a couple shots to use on their facebook page and a few prints, which I was happy to do … I sent one extra print and asked their guitar player Ron to sign it and return it for me. I sent a stay-flat envelope and tried to buy return postage, but since this was returning from Canada it required Canadian postage that I was not able to purchase … Ron said, no problem “I got this.” I received it today the photo back today and I’m stoked. Yep, geeky fan boy strikes again.

Just in case you don’t know: Ron, Piggy’s guitar player, used to sing for Black Flag. When I think of Black Flag, I hear Ron’s voice … He was my introduction to Black Flag (Jealous Again and The Decline) … People argue over the best signer of Black Flag … Ron has always had my vote.



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