Careful there, I’ve got a new lens in the pit

I got to shoot at the Casbah (San Diego, CA) last weekend.
When it’s crowded, The Casbah is a tough place to shoot, especially when Mudhoney gets the crowd going!

This was my first time shooting as the owner of the lens of my dreams … I’m pretty happy with it. I felt like the auto focus was a little slow … I’m not sure if that’s the camera body or the lens or the combo of the 2 … But I definitely missed some “jump shots” due to focus.

As a contributor to New Noise Magazine, my gallery is posted here, on their site … Please check it out.

Mudhoney 2

3 thoughts on “Careful there, I’ve got a new lens in the pit

  1. Great shots, man! Thanks for sharing them. Did you take any of the mosh pit during the Mudhoney gig?

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