a piggy’s favorite shot

August 5, 2015 – Piggy played at Alex’s Bar. It was so dark that I popped up my on-camera-flash for a few shots to fill in some light in order to get some of these photos. I never do that.

I submitted a grip of PIGGY photos to New Noise Magazine, which you can see here.

If a band ever sees the photos I’ve shot, I always hope that they will enjoy them … Here’s what Ron said after I posted one on the PIGGY Facebook page:

“This is probably my favourite picture of me playing in piggy ever. There are others that are more flattering but this one honesty captures the lines in my face so as to make no mistake that rock n roll CAN and SHOULD be played by kids of all ages. Don’t ever tell someone they are too old to Rock!” (referring to this photo)



Here’s one I had to cut from the gallery on New Noise. I felt like I had too many close-ups of Ange, but I love this one …

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