I’ve been waiting 30 years to shoot this band.

Those who know me, know that Stiff Little Fingers have been my favorite band FOREVER. I’d say, since 1980. Last week I finally got to bring my camera to one of their shows. While this is not my best work, I have an excuse, it’s hard to shoot while bouncing up and down and singing along with event song.

I’ve tried to get photo passes in the past and always felt like the replies I received were cordial but noncommittal. I’ve tried Facebook messaging with band members … I went through their website. I pleaded my case … “I love the band, I’ve been a fan since I was a wee lad, we have mutual friends, etc” … Still no luck. But I was determined this time. I am lucky enough to, not only have a mutual friend of the band, but he also happens to share the same management. So he put a call into the manager on my behalf and … I was sorted.

I’m a new photo contributor to New Noise Magazine, so I sent the photos to them to use on their online magazine. Here’s the GALLERY. Below is one photo that I didn’t include in the New Noise gallery. I like the smile on Jake’s face … And a couple of CH3, who opened the show and were awesome.


Stiff Little Fingers-14

Stiff Little Fingers-18

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