When in Rome



We went to Italy last month. Most of Italy has been photographed to death and chances are, whatever you’re about to take a picture of, a postcard already exists … So I shot very few photos and I mostly shot in the street. Don’t let my lack of photographic output make you think I didn’t enjoy myself … I DID! It was awesome! We had a great time! We walked/ate/saw art/walked/drank/saw art/walked … It was amazing.

Below is Florence, while we were waiting in line to see “The David” … I like the shadows creeping into the right of the frame.


This is in the center square in Perugia.



A crazy shop in Assisi … No Photos.





Rome – There’s a surprising amount of graffiti in Rome.


6 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. Good onya Greg! Makes me want to get back there, haven’t been in years. Went to Europe a couple years ago but missed Italy.
    Great to see your perspective of your trip. Keep up the wonderful images. Life is a rich pageantry of wonder, color, shade and contrast.

    Thank you for sharing Greg!
    All the best Greg!

  2. Love it! And like that Pinot & Taffy are in one. Looking forward to comparing notes during your next visit.

    • Thx Ronda. Comparing notes will be fun. (That’s actually Sarah with Pino)

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