A 3-fer!

I hope when I type things like: “I was lucky enough to score a photopass” that I don’t sound like a phony. I truly feel lucky to get these photopasses. Regularly, professional, working, photographers will ask me how I get my photopasses … I am lucky to have friends in the right places who can assist me in getting photopasses to many shows that require them. I KNOW that I am usually the ONLY photographer in the photo area who is simply a “hobbyist” and not actually “shooting for anyone.” Anyway, I was lucky (again) to score a photopass to see Bad Religion / OFF! / The Interrupters at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. And rest assured, my streak of not getting a good shot of Bad Religion is still holding steady. WHY CAN’T I SHOOT THAT BAND? Ugh!


DSC_6944     DSC_6980








5 thoughts on “A 3-fer!

  1. That is GREAT stuff, Greg! And damn, man, you don’t need to justify being in the pit after your entire CONTRIBUTION to independent music. Keep the faith, and keep snapping!

  2. what are you talking about- I love that picture of Jay! and the jumping bass player

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