That was in tents – Like a circus – Replacements.

I am cutting down on the wordiness of my posts. A few words and a few photos. Done and done.

Now that I’ve exceeded my word-count allotment for this post … I’ll simply say that I’ve always felt that I was a little late to the Replacements … I think “Let It Be” was my first introduction to them … Regardless, I freeking love them. I went to RIOT FEST in Colorado to see them (and friends and other bands) and of course I was going to see them in Hollywood … I was lucky enough to score a photo pass for the show at the Palladium (April 15, 2015). For the first half of the first song (Takin’ A Ride, I think) they played from inside tents that were set up on stage. Kinda funny, sure, but as a photographer who is limited to shoot 3 songs before being removed from the photo area, it made me nervous … but all the photographers stayed in the photo pit for 4 songs, so I guess we made up for it.


Is it me, or does Tommy have a Sid thing going on?










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