Death or Glory #7

I guess I’m going backwards, I posted episode #8 last week … Here’s Death or Glory #7 with Derwood Andrews from Generation X and Casey Chaos from Amen. In my mind, this episode epitomizes what Death or Glory is. It’s not an interview show, it’s a conversation between 2 people with interesting stories and you get to eavesdrop on it. I love this episode and was happy to be on set as the still photographer.

We usually have a few friends come watch the shoots, people who are interested in the guests or friends who just want to check it out … Which is awesome. Our friends will become extras on set and be the “bar crowd.” The bar crowd in this episode not only included our friends, but also included (future guests, we hope) Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death, etc) and James McCreaty (Christian Death).




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