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While I am merely an unpaid hired gun set photographer, I feel very attached to Death or Glory. Recently, I assisted in putting on an event at Angel City Brewery called “Steal Music Buy Art” or SMBA for short. SMBA was created to debut 4 episodes of Death or Glory but became so much more. There were 5 musical guests, each playing 20 minute acoustic sets (Buzz from the Melvins, Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters, Jonny 2Bags from Social Distortion, Derwood Andrews from Generation X and Sean and Zander from Sean and Zander). There was also a group art show. To see my name on this list of artists was mind blowing … Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing myself to them, but to be on the same wall was pretty flipping cool. The list is: Edward Colver (LA punk rock photog from the ’80’s), CR Stecyk III (Dogtown photographer among much more), Nick Egan (Clash 7″ cover plus), Hudson Marquez (Cadillac Ranch), Merwin Berin (Counter-culture artist). John Roecker (Green Day documentary), Chris Shary (Descendents’ artist), Bad Otis Link (Vintage Goldenvoice artist, serial killer trading cards, more), Tom Neas (’80’s punk rock photog), Craig “Skibs” Barker (oil painter extraordinaire) , Haze XXL (100’s of LP covers), Sean Wheeler (musician, creater), Robby Adams (Hurley guy, printer) and me … Seriously? Me? Rad. Plus SMBA had a record swap and food trucks … Estimates put attendance at over 500 people for the event. I saw a lot of friends, a lot of people who were featured in Death or Glory and a lot of childhood heroes.

Funny thing is, at least funny to me … I did not bring a camera … I call myself a photographer and I did not bring a camera to the event of a lifetime! What a dork I am. I’m glad others were there to document it.

LASTLY – I’ve had a few inquiries about purchasing the remaining, limited edition posters I did for the show AND about the 3ft x 4ft images that were hanging in the beer hall. Those will all be for sale as soon as I can find and get prices on poster tubes (so I can figure out how much they will cost to ship). I’ll do a separate post on this blog with all of the images for you to see. Thank you for asking.

Posters printed by Hurley:


The following are a bunch of pictures from STEAL MUSIC BUY ART. I did not take any of them. I have tried to give credit where I can. Please contact me if I used your photo and you would like credit or like me to remove it … Also, since this is MY blog, the photos are EXTREMELY self serving! 🙂

Here’s a great overhead shot of the art show – taken by Tour Bus Live.

And a shot of one of the art walls of the group show.


I got Lee Ving to sign a photo for me – Luckily Tour Bus Live was there to catch it … (Thanks)



And, my friend Taurino got Lee to sign one of the limited edition posters i did for the show. I did an edition of 25 posters 24″ x 36″. I gave Lee 5 of them and sold 13 at the show – I’ve got 7 left and a couple APs, if you’re interested. (Not sure who to give photo credit to here – maybe Liz?)


And, finally, me at the merch booth: Photo by Soulshots (Taurino Tadeo)


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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in buying a photo that you took of Phil Alvin from the Blasters. ( he is older in the pic) I saw the framed picture at a local barber shop in Costa Mesa called the Lab. Can you please tell me if I can buy just the photo and if so what sizes do you have available? Thank you.

    • Hi – Thank you for you message – I sent you an email with the info. Sorry my reply was a little tardy.
      i’m reachable at
      I have unframed options available.

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