going OFF! in Pomona.

OFF! is one of my favorite bands. 100% energy from start to finish. Their regular drummer, Mario from Rocket From The Crypt, was in the Pacific Northwest, so this is the first time I saw OFF! with Dale Crover (Melvins) … Holy CRISP (holy crisp was typo in an email I sent out last week … I intended to type holy crap, but I think holy crisp is funny, so I’m running with it …) Dale fits this band perfectly. He beats the crap out of his drums. I think OFF! is HEAVIER with Dale, and that’s hard to say, because Mario is the radest.

Some of you know, when you get a photo pass and are allowed in the photo area, you are only allowed to stay there for 3 songs. This is an old rule for the glam metal bands who didn’t want their photos taken once their make up had smeared, hair had fallen and their clothes were sweaty … The bouncers at most venues still enforce the 3 song rule, but now I think it’s because they want the photographers out of there so they can keep an eye on the crowd and crowd surfers … Anyway, the point in telling you that is that the bouncers did not keep good count for OFF!. Their songs are 60 second blasts of energy and it would have been a drag to get booted out of the photo pit after 3 minutes (3 songs). Luckily, the bouncers lost count (or, perhaps they were being nice) and we stayed in photo pit for about 8 songs.

I love shooting this band …














9 thoughts on “going OFF! in Pomona.

  1. This show was RAD! I drove 2 hours from way south San Diego (and back afterward) but hav zero regrets. Absolutely amazing band live. Seeing them this past January @ Casbah in SD was better, tho, since I didn’t get stuck way in back. OFF! has gotta be the best punk band out there this year…and I would never say that if I didn’t truly mean it.

    • I almost drove down from Long Beach to that Casbah show … I’m still bummed that I missed it.

  2. It was an incredible show. I drove from Dallas, Texas to see this one and it was worth every single mile and the 23 hours straight of driving home so I could go to work the next morning on no sleep. Good times!

    • Dallas? Holy crisp! I whined about driving from Long Beach! Well done sir.

      • Totally worth it for a number of reasons – one of the big ones was making eye contact with my 19 year old son while we were both in the pit during the Descendents set. Priceless. I had to rest a little more than him…. because I’m old.

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