The Hold Steady, The Cheap Girls and I got a show …

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sure you’ve all missed me.

First is that I saw The Hold Steady in Costa Mesa / Santa Ana, The Observatory. I was really surprised that they ended up in the small room. I guess they didn’t sell enough tix for the big room … I guess with them playing in San Diego and LA on the nights before, they saturated the area a little bit.

I thought the show was great and I was super stoked to finally get to see Cheap Girls, who did not disappoint.


And The Hold Steady


Before the show, we ate at Memphis in Costa Mesa. Memphis always has art on the walls and I inquired about the art and who the curator was. The curator was there and I inquired … A few days later I was offered a show … Which was super fun. The reception was September 10. The turnout was great, I felt a lot of support which did wonders for my nerves … I even sold a few (4 the night of the reception and 1 additional). The photos will be up for 2 months, so swing by if you want to check them out.

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