A steak, a baked potato and an Octagrape

On July 19 my new favorite band, Octagrape, played at The Prospector, in Long Beach. This is the second time I’ve seen them and the first time I bought my camera. Their record is GREAT, but live they take it to another level. Jaw on the floor, amazing! The entire band oozes with sweat and energy … They are never still … A photographer’s dream. I tried my best to capture some of that energy in these photos and I am looking forward to trying again!





White Murder opened the show but I’m not happy with the photos.


(Dennis, aren’t you glad that I didn’t mention your early departure?)


6 thoughts on “A steak, a baked potato and an Octagrape

  1. Well now I really want to go see them play…
    Thanks for sharing your photos and experience!

  2. sick photos as always. first got to see them at the casbah and left my camera in the trunk. so hyped on these guys. hopefully they jam while I’m out there in August. cheers, Greg.

    • Thanks! Definitely get that camera out of the trunk next time!

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