sometimes I really hate RED

I got to see 2 great bands on Thursday night (6/19) at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. The Widows and Octagrape, both from San Diego. Weekday rock shows are always difficult. After a day’s work you need to rally to go out that night. Personally, I depend on Red Bull. So, I got home from work in time to meet our friend from SD who was staying with us … We talked a while and then left for the pre-show dinner, where we would meet up with other friends. As we were walking out the door of the house, I decided “F-it” I’m not bringing my camera tonight. I’ve never had any luck shooting at Alex’s Bar. Partly due to the crowds and my unwillingness to get to and stay in front of the stage and largely due to the RED STAGE LIGHTS. Digital cameras don’t like red stage lights. It bothered me through dinner and I was tempted to drop my wife and friend at the venue and dart home to grab my camera, but I decided not to. What a mistake!

I’m sure the bands weren’t thrilled with the turn out, it was a little light, but it was perfect to move around and shoot photos. PLUS, the stage lights were up high and they were white! It could not have been a more perfect situation to shoot in. Not to mention that The Widows are super rad and Octagrape is insane. Glen, the singer/guitarist from Octagrape doesn’t use a guitar strap and he’s one of the most active people I’ve ever seen on stage … Have you ever seen The Riverboat Gamblers singer Mike? Like that, only with a guitar without a strap. He was on stage, in the crowd, behind the drummer, on the bass drum, singing out of the other guitar player’s mic, everywhere … I’m really upset that I didn’t bring my camera …  But I couldn’t resist snapping a few iPhone shots …


The Widows








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