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I had hoped, before creating another post, that I would have updated my website. That has not happened, but I want to let people know that I will have 4 photos in a group show in Huntington Beach on Saturday, May 31 from 7 – 10pm. I found out about this show when I saw a post about this show by photographer John Gilhoolley on facebook. From that post, I looked up the venue’s contact and asked if there was room for any more submissions. The answer was “sure.” So submitted a few images for consideration and I’m in. The venue is a gallery and  creative workspace called Factory Red. I just went by there today to drop off my photos and they were there getting ready … It’s a cool space. There’s a gallery space in the front and workshop in the back. On Saturday night they’ll have a cooler with beers, there’s a liquor store next door, so if you want a soda, iced tea or beer, you can grab it next door. There’s a parking lot around back. The Piaggio Food truck will also be there – They are a great Chimichuri Truck. It should be a fun night and, since it starts at 7:00 you can roll by early, say hello, and go on to your evening destination.

After getting accepted in this show, the gallery owner asked me how many people did I think I could bring. I had to pause and think … I don’t know. I know based on the turn-outs to the LA shows I’ve been a part of, that a bunch of my friends make appearances, (which is SOFA KING COOL!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you), so I said 20 – 30 people throughout the night … Now I’m freaking out a little bit about that … SO, please come say hello, please bring a friend

I’ve been debating about posting the photos that I will be showing this weekend … And I think I will. I think I’ve shared them on this blog and on Facebook already anyway … Why not, right? So here are the 4:

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Factory Red

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