Bell Bottoms!!

I’ve seen the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion a few times – mostly back in the 1990’s … But I have to say, Wednesday night (4/17/14) at The Echo in LA, they were awesome. They have not lost a step. They were bar sludgy, swamp boogey, punk rock, or something like that. It was dirty and it was great!

The Echo was PACKED, the lighting was awful and I struggled a little bit to get a clear shot, get anything in focus, or even to move around at all … But I guess that’s part of the fun … right?


The 2 below are actually my favorite shots of the night. One of Jon Spencer’s back, the other, he dropped to one knee facing stage right, I was stage left with a fisheye and got my favorite shot of the night – I feel like I need to explain it because it’s hard to tell what’s going on, but … plus I love the disco ball!



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