I made a long list of things I want to accomplish this year. For some reason I don’t want to call them resolutions, I’ve never been big on making resolutions anyway … Why wait ’til Jan 1? If you really want or need to do something, just fucking do it. Anyway, some of the items on the list are as silly as “surf more” and other items have a more serious subject or are to do with work … I’ve actually been able to check a few off already, which is cool. I have not lined them out because I can do them more then once this year. I have 11 items on the personal side of my list and 6 on the work side. I’ve already done 6 on the personal side and 1 on the work side.

One of the items on my list is to take more pictures. In order to do that, I now take my camera almost everywhere with me. I took it on a walk with Otis the other day and only took 6 frames, all of the same subject, none spectacular but I’m going to post one because that’s what this blog is for (and I like the shadow).

VClub Box

 This blog is not about food trucks but I need to vent a little. I decided to try to hit a food truck for lunch today. I haven’t gone to a truck in a while (except MIHO in SD for Phonography). I found a tweet that Taco Dawg was going to be serving about 15 minutes from me from 11 – 2:00. I always try to avoid the “regular” lunch time to avoid crowds, so I arrived at 1:35. Upon arrival, I saw the truck parked in it’s place.  I did notice that none of their windows were open … So I parked and got out of my car just in time to see them drive away … At 1:35! This sucks. They were supposed to be there until 2:00! As far as I’m concerned, they owe me a taco or a dog or whatever it is that they sell …!

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