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2 things I hope you’ll check out.
1. I was very surprised and excited to be asked to participate in Swimmingly’s 2013 year end round up of music and food. I can’t tell you how many times I wrote and re-wrote my answers … I tried to edit and shorten each time and I still think its a little long, but I’m happy with it … And my bio line, holy crap, Swimmingly makes me sound so tenured! Here’s the site, check it out, let me know what you think.


2. I’ve also secured a domain. Finally! I struggled with getting a domain for a while. I bought a few and didn’t care for them … is taken by someone just sitting on it thinking that a BBQ Rib restaurant is going to buy it from them. Bastards. I’ve watched their asking price go from $1500 to $800 to now $2600. I offered them $100 and they said I was too far off the asking price to be considered. I hope they end up getting nothing for it. So, I decided upon … Just to explain: I have an old nickname of Ribeye who’s origins I will not go into, but that nickname is still with me, with some people, so I grabbed “rib” from there. “Shots” I used because you take “shots” when you take pictures … Plus I like the ambiguity … ribshots could almost be a boxing term for getting hit in the ribs … And 43. 43 was my football number in high school, but it’s a number that seems to appear in my life and almost follow me around, plus I like the number, so I added it to ribshots. So that’s the story. will simply bring you to this site, but it looks cooler than having a “wordpress” address on my business card …

I forgot to mention that I updated the bands section with a few new photos. If you go to “IMAGES” you’ll see “bands” under that – The bands are listed by name.

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