I enjoy a good gathering …

On Saturday, December 9, 2012 – I was invited to meet up with a group of photographers at a workshop reunion. Although I didn’t attend the actual workshop, I was happy to be able to attend the reunion as I love getting together with street photographers, walking the streets and hanging out.

The best things about these “meet-ups” or “walk-abouts” or whatever you want to call them, are (in not particular order):
– meeting new photographers
– reconnecting with friends made from previous meet-ups or work shops
– keeping in touch and in the loop with like minded people
– and, although I hate photos of myself, I always seem to come out of a workshop or meet up with a new photo of me that I actually don’t hate.

This one is by Shane Phillips, taken 12/2012, I love this one!
Smoking by Shane Phillips

Another one from the “Smoking Section” on Dec 8 by Kim Peeples.

Smoking by Kim Peeples

This one was taken by Rinzi Ruiz at Eric Kim’s workshop, October 2011.
Me by Rinzi smaller

Last one taken by Eric Kim at Eric’s workshop in Octotber 2011
by eric kim

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