in nyc for hurricane sandy …

Yes, we were in New York City during the hurricane. I feel really badly for the people who were really affected by the hurricane and storm surge … It was ugly on the news. We were huddled in a small hotel room in midtown and never lost power. We had food, water, bourbon, wine, candles, all the supplies we needed for a couple days. Turns out, we were very lucky, we never saw anything from the window of the hotel room other than what appeared to be a rainy evening in New York … It just didn’t look that bad … Later we found out from the news and by walking the streets that it was THAT BAD. Our friends in Chelsea and in the West Village had both lost power. One had their basement flooded, most of the city was without power for many days. Businesses were closed, the subway was flooded, the city was almost at a standstill and that doesn’t even take into account the people on the Jersey Shore who lost everything …

We walked over on 24th street in Chelsea the day after the hurricane only to encounter several gallery owners pumping, scooping and sweeping water from their galleries. It was really sad to see the damage.

This is an entrance to a gallery showing that the water line was almost up to the doorknob just 12 hours earlier.

Gas station on the corner of 24th street and 10th ave (I think) with some serious roof damage.

And finally, the building that lost its facade … 15th street and 8th ave … A crowd gathered, cops were doing crowd control and we had to walk over to get a look.

We learned on the news that this was a small hotel and that the building was evaluated just prior to face slipping right off of it. It looked like a doll house in person. It was shocking.

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