out of shear laziness

i bring my camera with me everyday, everywhere I go. Usually I bring the Olympus E-P3 because its small and convenient and still takes great pictures. Lately, even though I have my E-P3, I’ve been leaving it in the bag and just bringing my iPhone. When I say “bringing” I mostly mean on dog walks … The iPhone is less conspicuous than a camera around my neck and I can “shoot from the hip. with it in my hand. I do not prefer the iPhone to any of my cameras, but I use it out of shear laziness. That laziness has produced some images that I’m pretty happy with. Here are a few, most have already been posted on my facebook page, so they may be repeats for the 4 people that look at that page.
Waiting for the Bus – Tustin, CA Oct 2012
Smoke Break – Redondo Beach, CA Oct 2012
Point Loma, San Diego, CA Oct 2012
El Indio Taco Shop, San Diego, CA Oct 2012

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