i forgot to pay my mortgage

seriously, i forgot to pay my mortgage. i’ve been so excited and distracted about being included in the hatakeyama gallery show for la artwalk last week, that everything else was secondary. i’m struggling for the right word here, but i was seriously honored, stoked, flattered, excited, humbled to see my friends and family there supporting me. thank you so much!!

it was really cool to meet a few more of the streettogs, although i know there were more floating around the show that i didn’t meet …

i really hope that i get to participate in more gallery shows … maybe next time i’ll act like i’ve been there before and not forget to pay my bills …

i was very honored to have my picture voted as “favorite in show runner-up.”

Grenade Inspector

Edit July 19, 2012: People have asked me about this image … so I thought I’d share. I shot this at the LA Roadster Show / Pomona Car Swap Meet in June 2012. When I was asked to participate in the show at Hatakeyama Gallery, it was presented as a Street Photography show with the theme of “Cars” (which was later changed to “Vehicles”). I knew I didn’t have anything worthy of this show in my archives so I went out shooting specifically for this show. This shot came about organically. I feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time … But I think the famous quote about luck applies here “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” I was shooting the hubcap and the reflections of people in the hub cap of this 1940 something Lincoln Zephyr … Then I saw a family approaching and I caught a look at the father and son … Both with the same hats on, both with bandannas hanging from their back pockets, the kid was wearing a wife beater and had the top button of his shirt buttoned. He looked awesome. I knew I had to shoot them, but I don’t really shoot kids. I’m not a parent but can only imagine what a parent might say / think if they saw an old guy like me photographing their child. It can be creepy … But still, I HAD TO! Anyway, as the family approached the car, I stood up to give them room. As I stood, I focused on the kid, framed the image with the family in the reflection of the fender and squeezed off one shot. I truly do not remember why the kid was in the pose that he was in nor do I recall why his sister is raising her arms in the reflection but those moments really add interest to the shot for me. Can you find me in the shot? I didn’t see myself for the longest time until The Weave said “you’re right there.”

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