another drive by shooting in chicago.

well, not actually a drive by shooting … but i did shoot out the “L” (subway) window while heading to the billy goat tavern (under michigan locale). we were at the damen stop on the blue line and i saw this guy sitting on the bench looking dejected. something about his posture really caught my attention … and the guy to the left is totally oblivious to his pain. i have a photo assignment to shoot people through glass. while i think most people will shoot from the sidewalk at people dining in the window seats of restaurants, i think this is a little different and, frankly, i flipping love this shot. it should probably marinate a little longer before i call it a “keeper” but that’s how i feel about it right now. i’d love any comments you have, or critiques.

damen and milwaukee

another shot from chicago. this is the first time i’ve really stopped at a location and waited for people to walk through. this building, which is actually just a parking structure, caught my eye every time i walked by. i think its really cool looking. so one day i just camped there for a few minutes. i love the lines in this one.

across from trump

i’ve got a few other chicago shots i want to share, but i’ll do it later.

if you’re reading this … thank you for looking and reading.

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