Almost got away … forever

After shooting a rockshow, my editing process is pretty simple. First, I upload ALL of the photos. Next, I weed out the bad ones (eyes closed, too blurry, missed shots, etc) … Then I look closer at the ones I have left and narrow them down further. Maybe no one’s eyes are closed, but it’s just a boring shot, so it gets deleted. Then I go through the final list … Which usually consists of about 15 – 30 photos per band and decide if there are any “keepers.” Are there any photos that I am willing to share publicly?

The photo below almost didn’t pass the test during the weeding out process, but something about it kept me coming back to it … Visually it’s not great, you can’t see anyone’s face … Honestly, you can barely determine what’s going on … But each time I went back to this image to decide if I was going to keep it or not, I felt something. The more I looked, the more emotion I felt …

I decided to send it to Bob (one of the dood’s in the photo) with a note that said: “Bob, This might be the worst photo I shot Saturday night, but I love it and had to send it to you.” His reply was awesome “I disagree, that’s the best BDC photo ever taken. And I’m blasting that picture all over social media, hope you don’t mind. Sums up the BDC portion of the night!”

Now I look at it and it gives me the chills … Like a Big DRILL Car song. Emotional.

Big DRILL Car-38

I’ve always felt very privileged, honored and proud to work with this band … 25+ years later, I still do.

5 thoughts on “Almost got away … forever

  1. You are crazy Mr. Ribshot! This is the best photo ever! It sums up the whole night for me and I would like a print. You rule! Thank you for capturing this moment. Thank you!

  2. I do the same method with my editing process. Bottom line regardless of technical specs (focus, noise, etc.) how does the pic make me “feel”. This is one of those. Good job

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