Swap Meet Louis

One of the areas in Downtown LA I love to shoot is Santee Alley. I can also hate shooting in Santee Alley due to the crowds but, its a great gathering of people from all walks of life. Overall, its a fun place to shoot. Santee Alley is the place to find all of your knock-offs that my wife calls “Swap Meet Louis” as in counterfeit Louis Vuitton. I shot in Santee Alley with my friend Jason during a Meet Up Photo Walk in mid December.
I followed this guy from booth to booth in Santee Alley, waiting for him to walk through a pocket of light, trying to get the right angle from the right side, dodging people, and right when everything is fell into place … right when he’s about to walk into the light, someone steps in front of me … So the process starts again. I don’t usually follow people, but I liked this gentleman’s face and hair. He had the whole package and I wanted to document his trip into Santee Alley.
I have more to say about this one, but I’ll hold off:

Looking for Swap Meet Louis

Looking for Swap Meet Louis

2 thoughts on “Swap Meet Louis

  1. And that, Greg, is a fantastic result. Mark Rosales and I also went to Santee Alley recently and I don’t like that place as a hunting ground for street photos. Not just because it’s crowded but because there is hardly an interesting character to shoot; unless, to go there with a photo essay in mind, which I’m working on it.

    I’m hoping to meet with you this coming Saturday to exchange some street shooting experience and have some fun. Meanwhile, Have a great day and post more of your adventurous photos.

    • Thx Kris. Thx for looking, reading, commenting. I appreciate it.

      I’m bummed that I won’t be able to make it out with you and Mark on Saturday. I’ve been dying to shoot at Mariachi park.

      Great food near there at La Parilla.

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