Rib Shots is started

I imported the few entries I did on my “FTW” blog. That blog was going to be a food truck blog, but I don’t want to do that anymore and I haven’t been chasing food trucks lately. I think a photo blog will be healthier anyway, that’s what the earlier blogs are referring to “FTW” or “Food Truck World.” I had no subscribers to that blog and I expect to tell the same amount of people about this one.

My main goal is to post pictures here. Not daily as I don’t have access to this computer daily and this computer has my photo software and photo storage, but at least a few times per week. I’ve started bringing my camera with me everywhere I go. I don’t take it out of the bag everywhere I go, but I have it, just in case.

I’m in my first photo show and I’m pretty stoked about it. I heard about the show and sent an email to the curator and asked if I could submit a few pictures for consideration. He said yes and I’m in. One picture for sure maybe 2 depending on room and space. Either way I’m pretty stoked even if I’m not on the flier.

Since I’ve said the point of this blog is to encourage me to post pictures, I guess I should post one now. Maybe 2. These were taken in Oxnard on 01/05/2011.

Wagon Wheel
Zeph’s Guard dog


OK – so they are not great, but I like them.

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