sour grapes? perhaps.

Maybe I’m just a little bitter. I submitted images for an open call for photographers. The theme was music photography so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make my first attempt at submitting images for an open call … Why did I do this? I do not know. Maybe it’s because I really felt like I had some strong images. Maybe it’s because I want to compare my photos to others, not as a competition, but more to just see where my skill level (or my eye) is compared to other photographers. Does that make sense? If I submit my images I then am allowed see the others submitted, at least I can see what other people are doing and I can feel like I am equal to their levels or that I still have a long way to go. Or maybe I’m a secret egomaniac and cannot admit it to myself or to my blog.

Well, my pictures didn’t get chosen to be in the show. I was able to look at the one ones that made the cut and I have to say, I like mine better. Not all of them, but at least one or two of them. Of the 25 images that will be in the gallery, I like 2 or 3 of them. But I feel good that I think my images are just as good as the ones chosen … Yes, I would have felt better if one of them had made it in the show AND I would have felt better if I didn’t have to pay $25 to submit the images to only be rejected … But, I did it. That was a big step. Next step is figuring out why I did it.

The “call for photographers” said: “Show us your record collections, instruments, and portraits of musicians and fans. Show us stadium concerts, jam sessions, and street performers from distant nations. Most of all, show us what music means to you. For Encore: A Look at Music, The Kiernan Gallery seeks photographs of and inspired by music.”

Here’s a link to the chosen images:

Here are the ones I submitted:










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