day two hundred sixteen

The LA TIMES website has a section called L. A. Now. In a section of LA Now called Southern California Moments, they post a picture each day. The pictures are submitted by the readers with the guide lines of the image having been shot in Southern California. The pictures range from snap shots to photographs, beach scenes, to skateboarders, to street photography and everything in between. A lot of my friends and peers have had their images chosen, some several times … I’ve been submitting images sporadically, as I remembered to do so, but always really hoping to be chosen, over the past 6 months to a year. I guess that sounds a little douchy, but I have to be honest, I wanted to get picked. Why else would anyone be submitting images there? Anyway … yesterday I received an email from one of the editors of LA Now letting me know that they wanted to include an image I submitted. I was super stoked. At first he said it would run right away (yesterday), but then determined that it would run today. I provided the info requested and re-sized the image for them and sent it over … I’m happy to say it ran today … Please click the link below (until I learn how to do a screen shot).

LA TIMES – So Cal Moments

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