the fiat 500 shoot

saturday, may 19 was a pretty fun day. my friend had been tasked with providing a handful of scooterists for a photo shoot with a fiat 500 car. the gathering of the scooterists was easy for him as he’s the local scooter mechanic …  i was told about this shoot on friday night and was offered to tag along so i could see how it all went down. i was planning on it.

saturday morning arrived and the photographer actually needed someone to drive his car (not the fiat) while he was shooting. i got to be the driver. it was a pretty cool experience.
we hit 3 different locations in long beach. virginia country club, pacific place near the blue line station and a road sandwiched between boeing and the airport. my task was to drive in the left lane and go a steady speed of around 20-25 mph. the fiat, with the scooters horseshoed around it, was following the photo car perfectly in the blind-spot off the passenger side of the car. the photographer had a camera mounted on the back taillight (see image) and one in his hand while he was standing on the passenger seat with his head and torso out of the sunroof shooting. the photos will be used in an article pertaining to ‘fun cars to drive that get over 30mpg’ in ‘road and track’ mag.
with 2 hands on the wheel the whole time, i didn’t get to shoot until we stopped. i shot a few in the parking lot as some of the scooter riders were getting rides in the fiat.

the scooters in action images were taken by bruce, the pro photog. these were casual shots going from one location to the next. i was driving down wardlow and bruce was snapping away as the scooters rode by … one thing that was really surprising to me was bruce’s settings – specifically the shutter speed – he was shooting between 1/8 and 1/40 of a second. this is REALLY slow. but, this is how he got the cool blur in the background of the scooters. i was just surprised that he could get away with such a slow shutter … but, since we were in a car traveling about the same speed as the scooters, it makes sense to me now … anyway – he shared a few that i will share here. i really wanted to include a separate slide show with his shots but can’t figure out how to do it.

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